Why The House of Sound and Story?

First of all, to give credit where credit is due … the title House of Sound and Story was the name of my first podcast on rabble.ca way back in 2005.

Names are always difficult. Charlotte Scott, the exec producer of the rabble podcast network way back then suggested The House of Sound and Story and I immediately loved it.

Every house, whether lived in or abandoned, holds thousands of stories, past and present. It inspires the imagination. Wherever there is a house, there is a wealth of stories to tell about people, about places, about what’s happening today, what happened in the past. And what might happen in the future.

When I look at a house, I imagine what stories might live there. That’s why the picture on the title page of this blog will change on a regular basis. I hope the images I add inspire you to think about stories. And to write them. And to speak them with your own voice …

Happy Story Hunting!


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