Podcast Listenership Is Up Drastically!

This is music to my ears.  This news comes from a whole bunch of different sources, including the esteemed Edison Podcast Consumer Report, which they’ve done yearly since way before most people didn’t know what podcasting was.  At first, it was only Edison reporting on who was listening, but now it’s the same news from many different sources.  So we know.  Podcasting is a thing.

I started my first podcast back in 2005, way before there was Itunes or even an Iphone.  In those early days, I had to explain constantly what a podcast was.  Trying to download a podcast was really tricky because there wasn’t much development yet on the delivery side of things.  I am so glad that podcasting is now something that isn’t unusual.  And that it’s easy to listen. Even my 85 year old mother knows what a podcast is. Progress.

Today’s bit of reassurance that indeed podcasting is growing comes from a relatively new online magazine called Podcast Business Journal.  When I first found that this publication exists, it was a sign that yes, indeed, podcasting is growing.  We can now say that podcasting is a real business. Unlike in the early days when it was a hobby.  Now it can be a hobby, a business or a combination of the two.

The article is called Podcasting Listening Up Drastically!  Yay!


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